What are Some Quick Ways to Get More New Clients

Obviously, this website is called “How to Get New Customers” therefore it makes sense that the content on it is “How to Get New Customers.” One of the questions we gets ask, is “How do you ask for referrals. The answer is quite simple. As we’ve gone through before on this site, you simply ask for them. That’s right, you ask for them.
You are not always get a “yes” but sometimes it works, and since sometimes you can get a “yes” it is worth asking. We also get questions about networking. Networking is fine if you are an extravert. But what about if you are an introvert. It is harder.
The closest thing that an introvert is somewhat relaxed about doing is to email people. This can be tough if it is a “cold” prospect, but if you  set in their way a clear enough benefit, they will sometimes respond. It is hard to do. Again think, benefit, benefit.
And once in a while the classic approaches work which is to offer incentives for new customers only. But don’t forget your stable long distance folks. Do something nice for them and you may score big. Let them know that you appreciate them being a long time customer.
It is always a good idea to keep your website up to date. The reason is because perception is reality. If you look the part then you will be thought of as the part. Another thing you can do, and for introverts this could be a good move for email. What is it? It is to partner with complementary businesses. They have something used with or is related to your endeavor.
And as always, promote you expertise.  Positioning yourself as an expert is everything. You can learn about this in detail in our current eBook.