This Morning I Watched a Video Featuring a Guy Who is thought of as Being Quite Successful, but when Hearing him tell his Story, I had an Unexpected Lightbulb Moment.

Can a Single Video Change Your Mindset?

Chances are you saw the video too, or perhaps had noticed its availability on a popular video viewing site’s homepage. I am not quite sure why I viewed it, but it helped to put things into perspective for me. Just prior to watching the video I had jotted down some ideas I thought might be of interest to those stumbling on this site if what I was offering was perceived to be useful and of value. After writing down my list, I decided to go to the video viewing website to do more research before posting what I had worked on. That is when I saw the video being offered and then watched it.

How the Video Changed My Perspective

By the time I saw the video I had already spent 3 hours doing my various morning tasks that included outlining content for one of the many site I manage. I had gone back and forth regarding how much I was going to publish. Would I show all my content, inclusive of a step by step method to be more successful with your career and business? Or would I just talk about the fact that I had created it, only discussing its existence rather than revealing?

Then I Watched the Video

My takeaway was that success was hard work and that drive overcomes fear. Plus, he kept saying over and over again that being him was painful and not easy, plus noting that starting a company was a choice that will eat up all your time. Another memorable moment for me was when he stated the importance of doing things to help people.

This is Very Small when Compared to the Video Guy’s Ideas

In the spirit of trying to help, it is my hope is that I complete my current “How To” project soon and that it will prove to be useful and of value to you. It consists of steps to create a pathway for your to get leads, convert them into being customers, next nurturing them to be longtime loyal customers. You notice I say YOU and your brand. We live in times that to be most successful you need to be the face to your operation.

Been there Done That?

Also, for some of you this will seem to contain nothing you don’t already know. Or, maybe you are even currently engaged with the use of a similar method. And although you may find this approach to be too simplistic, my wish is that it be helpful to you, even just as a refresher. So, keep an eye out for steps to create (with the use of only free online tools), the ability to (1) generate leads that are then (2) turned into prospects, followed by being (3) converted into actual human customers who are regularly given info of value regarding their industry as well at offers and new opportunities all while building relationships and loyalty.