“Method How” to Add More Fans to Your Existing Audience

Followers and fans can be customers too. And they have the potential to be very loyal customers because as followers online they already like and are drawn to you.

If you are a person who can bring in a big crowd, you are much loved and will be an eagerly sought out guest for doing talks, or entertaining or both.

In general, you should always safeguard the method which you use to connect with your audience. Your audience is an important component to being able to do what you do and should therefore be kept with tender loving care.

And even if you decide to do a bit of a partnership with another group that can access a for you a new crowd, be certain to keep your existing fans close.

Much of this kind of information is included in the “Method How” Report, formerly known as “USA Make a Difference.”

What some people may not know is that for the last two years, the “Method How” Report has not allowed any new subscribers to join the list.

In other words, if you were not a member twenty four months ago of “USA Make a Difference” then you are currently not a recipient of the M.H. Report.

We have our reasons for not wanting any new people to join, at least not now. This is indeed ironic and seemingly contradictory because much of what we are currently writing about is the importance of having your own audience.

Why would someone want to be your or your company’s fan? A fan of a company might like that business’ products or services. But how do you get more of this kind of wonderful and valued customer? Word of mouth? Sure. But it is a good idea to have a specific plan.

It is much like an actor who is well known in theater and even maybe Broadway. But although they are well known to theater goers, they may not be recognizable from other mediums.

One option would be to do PSA (Public Service Announcement). If you are the face of a not-for-profit organization with a good cause, you are simultaneously building your visibility while making a difference.