Get an Audience

“Get New Customers” or another Way of Looking at It “Get an Audience”

As an Entrepreneur You are in Show Biz!

If you have a business one way of looking at the process is that “There’s No Business That’s Not in Show Business.” You can actually combine show business with entrepreneurship you get Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

The thing about audiences is, that regardless of the kind of spectators they are, the want value from what they are watching “on stage.”

And even though you might be great at keeping your audience’s attention by focusing on them and their needs, depending on your industry, it is not a bad idea to jazz up your presentation now and then.

But there is so much more to the idea of your business sometimes being entertained than just the “entertainment” aspect of your customers.

Taking a look at the business model of a theater seeking an audience for their show or motion picture, insight can be gotten.

If the audience does not know about your show, they will not attend. Whether your business is online or offline, you need to, as the theater saying goes “Get buts in seats.” A business is similar because if they do not have an audience of exists and future customers, they might as well just pack up and call it a day.

But the tool of entertainment can be a part of your company’s differentiation. Presentation can be a part of your brand. Depending on the kind of business you have, you can set yourself apart from the competition about being more “fun” than they are. But it goes without saying you still need to make it clear to the customer the problem you solve for them.

Plus, after you are the solution to their problem, you want that good feeling they have be intense and as fully emotional as possible. You are not just an entrepreneur, but you and your business are entertainers, and just like performers, you want them to have a lot of different feelings, all positive, regarding your follow through.

You should always be pursuing that standing ovation from your customers and clients. Because remember, “There’s no business that’s not in show business!”