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Even HP Uses It

Even Harry Potter Uses It

Although it has only been around for a short while, “How to Get New Customers” is fast becoming one of the go-to methodologies for promotion. Even one of the most popular unofficial Harry Potter clubs (Harry Potter Fan Club NYC) uses the engine to get the word out to fans.

The Secret to Success?

Additionally, it is organizations like Entertainment Entrepreneurship, that help to use an entertaining approach to the marketing of the Potter fan club and other projects. Why is this? What is the secret to the success of “How to Get New Customers?”

It All Begins with Free Stuff

Maybe it is because of the way that “How to Get New Customers” is a fit for all kinds of organizations and businesses. Plus, it is probably also helpful that the group offers a free way for someone who is interested in having better promotion can benefit from.

You Can Get these Free Things

The “free test” if you will, consists of three things, all of which are free: the weekly newsletter, the 10 day email course and instantly downloadable eBook that is a checklist of what you’ll need to do your marketing.

Become a Member of the Club

To get all these things simply go to either USA Create or directly to “How to Get New Customers.” It starts when you sign up for the free weekly newsletter. You get your eBook as an instant download as well as your 10 day email course on promotion begins once you confirm your club membership.

It’s All About Entertainment

Another thing that can help you get situated with your marketing is to check out Entertainment Entrepreneurship. The slogan of this popular site is “There’s no business that’s NOT in show business.” And when you read the posts on their site, you get more of an idea of how that motto holds a lot of truth.

The Promotional Community

Although we’re biased, we also suggest you check out the evolving posts on this website as well as the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC post. The posts are done by various folks who are a part of our promotional community.