Get an Audience

Create Something then Get Your Audience


The idea explored in this post is creating something and then getting an audience for it. Have you created anything lately? Maybe it’s digital such as an eBook or Music MP3 or Lesson in MP4 form?


Or maybe you’ve created something like a t-shirt or cake or vitamin mix?Now let’s imagine that for the selling of either the digital or physical items you needed to find customers.


This is what the good people at Invent Mentalism are going through. Their product is still several weeks from being completed but they know if they want to sell lots of eBooks they need to have a plan.

Sales Page

So they contacted us here a HGNC and the first thing that we advised them to do was to put up a sales page. Not one that actually had the product to be purchased, just one so buyers during searches could acclimate toward it. They got a sales page right away and here it is now.