What are Some Quick Ways to Get More New Clients

Obviously, this website is called “How to Get New Customers” therefore it makes sense that the content on it is “How to Get New Customers.” One of the questions we gets ask, is “How do you ask for referrals. The answer is quite simple. As we’ve gone through before on this site, you simply ask for them. That’s right, you ask for them.
You are not always get a “yes” but sometimes it works, and since sometimes you can get a “yes” it is worth asking. We also get questions about networking. Networking is fine if you are an extravert. But what about if you are an introvert. It is harder.
The closest thing that an introvert is somewhat relaxed about doing is to email people. This can be tough if it is a “cold” prospect, but if you  set in their way a clear enough benefit, they will sometimes respond. It is hard to do. Again think, benefit, benefit.
And once in a while the classic approaches work which is to offer incentives for new customers only. But don’t forget your stable long distance folks. Do something nice for them and you may score big. Let them know that you appreciate them being a long time customer.
It is always a good idea to keep your website up to date. The reason is because perception is reality. If you look the part then you will be thought of as the part. Another thing you can do, and for introverts this could be a good move for email. What is it? It is to partner with complementary businesses. They have something used with or is related to your endeavor.
And as always, promote you expertise.  Positioning yourself as an expert is everything. You can learn about this in detail in our current eBook.

Teaching is a Whole New Ball of Wax

Digital World

Teachers from kindergarten to college are facing the new threshold of digital education. For some making the transition is easy, but for others, not so much. And students are changing too. In the educational market for small business owners, owners are encountering for the first time needing to reeducate themselves to keep up with the digital world.

Online Marketing

It’s for this reason that my brother and I are developing digital courses for small business owners. If you are interesting in just jumping right in to the digital education world plus get free stuff, we recommend you go to the online marketing site right now, known as

Something New

Doing an online course is a great way to beef up what you know (even if you’re a vegetarian). The more you have at your disposal knowledge of the digital world, the more you will known what to do. Because let’s face it, teaching is a whole new ball of wax!


Automatic Customer Acquisition System

Looking for Beta Testers

First off, a shoutout to Inwood Manhattan and Lights Camera Read for their help and belief in this project! The acronym ACAS (sounds like “access”) stands for the “Automatic Customer Acquisition System.” We invented the term and for many months we’ve been working on making this approach of getting new customers available to you. It’s hard to say how much longer before the prototype will be up and running. As soon as it is though we will let you know. Also, you’ll be offered the opportunity of using the system as a beta tester.

A New Methodology

How to get new customers is something that people in many different fields desire to make happen. That’s why we set up the website “How to Get New Customers” located at This website is a part of the overall methodology we are developing.

We Use the System

What is it exactly that we are making? Essentially it is a 19 step method to get new customers, clients and fans that involves of 2 sub systems that include a 7 methodology, and a 6 step one. The “parent” or 19 step method is an approach we are currently using so all we have to do is analyze what is working for us!

Online Collaboration 3,000 Miles Away

This obsession and passion of originating a way to get new customers (or at least warm leads) while you sleep, started with much emailing back and forth with my brother. My brother does what I do (websites, marketing etc.) and lives three thousand miles away in the woods and mountains very close to the scientifically determined “Center of California.” It’s about an hour drive to Fresno.

How to Get New Customers

So even though I live three thousand miles away from my brother here in Inwood Manhattan, we both have been feverishly emailing as well as do work on our each respective procedures. Mine, as mentioned, is to use and teach an approach of “How to Get New Customers” whereas my brother is a little more ambitious.

How to Be Off Every Day

My brother wants to develop a way that will allow him to set it and forget it. His “machine” will not only get new clients but will fulfill the customer’s needs as well. This means that he will be able to be “Off Every Day,” a concept which lead to him forming a music group called OED. OED is perhaps best known as “The Band that Doesn’t Exist.”

Finding Clients

I tell you all this stuff about my brother because it helps to set the stage for what we both have been going through these past several months and what our next steps will be. My brother’s system has to achieve many different things in automatic mode: getting customers, selling customers, collecting from customers, fulfilling customers etc.). Whereas my approach has just one thing that it does: it helps you learn “How to Get New Customers” and provides you with tools.

The 4th Dimension

Speaking of tools, there will be 4 premium marketing packages, each with a different amount of digital tools. For example there will be a 3 tool package (Beginner), a 6 tool package (Intermediate) and finally a 9 tool package (Pro). So, you may be asking, where is the 19 tool package? This is the 4th package that which will only be made for a very limited few. Those who can afford it and those who are actually able to use it.

And So It Goes…

I’ll continue to keep you in the loop regarding the Automatic Customer Acquisition System (ACAS) because before it launches we are definitely going to need beta testers!