METHOD HOW to Get New Customers through the Process Sometimes Called “Market Your Journey”

Better Way?

It can be called many things including “Documentation,” “Online Diary,” or perhaps the best known term “Reality Show.” But regardless of what you call it, we are speaking of a METHOD HOW to get new customers, that is being used by businesses and marketers across the country.

How is your business marketing doing? Are you spending too much on Search Engine and Social Media ads and not getting the results you feel you should be given the amount of money you are spending?

Have you wondered if there was a better way? You just might be the right fit for an approach known as “Market Your Journey.”

Here is Why this Process Works

To Market Your Journey simply means using the filming with your phone in all aspects of your business, then sharing it online. This can be an especially good pathway for a “Company in Need” because the cost to do it is so low and if done correctly can garner you amazing results.

Think of it from the point of view of one of your potential customers. Maybe they are on your email list, or perhaps word of mouth is what led them to your site.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the behind-the-scenes of your company (or one you want to start) in motion, getting to know you, the owner and employees doing what you and your team do best.

By you filming all this, possibly using your phone, as seen by existing customers, as well as future ones, you draw them in. Those watching the video start to feel like they know you and trust is built.

Company in Need” Market Your Journey

But let us switch it around a bit and take a look at a Person in Need” who owns a “Company in Need.” These are companies that were hit hard by disasters like COVID, flooding, fire, inflation and so on.

For businesses like that it is very difficult to get back on track in pursuit of the American Dream. And when a business owner is in pain it is very difficult to know what to focus on first.

Although it might seem like stepping into unknown territory, by filming and uploading videos daily or at least weekly, is a way that businesses going through hardships can in a sense be keeping a video diary of the challenges they face on an ongoing basis.

When these problems, as well as solutions, are shared with others, it can build empathy. The viewers start to feel as if they know you and might even want to help you. Or at least maybe buy from you.

But isn’t Doing Daily Videos Difficult and Costly?

One way of doing this documentation could be “selfie style” using a METHOD HOW consisting of filming yourself talking about your business’ “build-back process” each week with a new Company Campaign. This would mean filming yourself and your employees or even friends and family going through the challenging job of getting a business back on track.

You can easily use an app for your phone to edit the material and then from that same device, upload your video. This is all actually pretty easy to do once you get the swing of things. Or chances are you have someone in your family or a friend or employee who might be able to help you with this.

Where Can You Learn More About this as Well as Other Strategies?

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