Action Plan

Get New Customers Now

Ways to Increase Your Client Base

These days, it doesn’t take much more than going on the internet with your laptop to expand your client base. There are a variety of tactics to get new customers that can be employed including to use online reviews to work in your favor, asking for referrals from your existing customers, promoting yourself for your expertise, networking, forming partnership with businesses trying to reach the same demographic as you are, doing special promotions to attract new clients, give a face lift to your website or blog or even contact old customers that you have not been in touch with for a while.

Pick a Medium

The tactics just described are some of the time-tested methods to get new customers that can be wrapped together into a campaign strategy. Of course, we are now in the digital age so the methodology for strategic outreach will involve the latest in new technology. The techniques of bringing in fresh prospects are tried and true. The only thing that changes is HOW these steps are accomplished. In other words, what medium will you use to implement them?

Help Them with a Solution to Overcome Their Pain

Of course, there are many more tactics that can be used to bring in more business, so the real challenge is not so much about the underlying techniques used, but more in how to dress them up to maximize communication with your customer avatar. The goals are to understand the objections they might have against purchasing your goods and services right now. This is accomplished by understanding their goals and values. You are offering them a solution to their problem that can be described as a benefit, or even more powerfully to overcome a painful scenario they have.

Right Customer, Right Time

Once you have crafted your offer, you need to know where to place it. You are looking for a realm that will reach your ideal customer at the exact moment they need what you are offering. Ways of getting your message out in front of those folks who are ready to purchase it, includes online ads in social media sites that can get your solution in front of your best customer at the right time.