Yianni Stamas Explores the Connection Between Date Nut Bread and Getting New Customers

Today, Tuesday, December 22nd is National Date Nut Bread Day!

December in general is a baking month for lots of people who create their confections this particular time of year to able to present their treats as gifts or to serve at holiday parties. Of course, due to the Pandemic, most sharing of Date Nut Bread will be done virtually.

National Date Nut Bread Day,

Some of those sharing Date Nut Bread will be the owners of businesses both storefront home based. We here at “How to Get New Customers .com” encourage businesses to do marketing that makes a difference per DIY Digi Guidelines and to make big batches of Date Nut Bread today for others who are quarantined with them.

Make a Difference with Date Nut Bread

Making Date Nut Bread is a form of making a difference. You are sharing dates and nuts both of which have their own health benefits.