Action Plan

Increase Your Client Base


Pursuing new customers can be daunting, but you have choices that can be added in tandem with the HowToGetNewCustomers program. To start you can always ask current clients for referrals. Also you can partner with agencies, especially one that has clients that needs to do what you do, while you can send new customers to them also. You might even consider giving back to the community which could be as simple as volunteering for a neighborhood organization with lots of participants. This could include a theater company either for kids or grownups.

Building Partnerships

Another important thing is to have a network, meaning folks who do different things and could come up with some clients they can send to you. It critical that you stay in touch with your community so that it’s not just about them getting you customers.

Supply Valuable Information

Oh, here’s a neat one. You can follow up with customers you haven’t worked with in a while and maybe have some special offer that is a good fit for them. And never forget to keep blogging because if one of your blogs’ content relates well to someone you haven’t been in touch with in a while, you can email it to them. This also works with any online material you think could be helpful to them.

Advertising Campaigns

And you can even run an ad campaign. Make sure if you do this you have a very good idea regarding the funnel you are using. You should be clear on who you are trying to reach and what you want them to do. You need to have something they are interested in obtaining.

Contacting to Share

It is paramount that you always deliver value to your existing customers whether it is the product and service you provide for them or occasional times you get in touch to share something. That something should have value for the individual you send it to.

Collect Data

While building relationships with your clients you should always provide a special touch. Something that sets you appart from others. And please stay organized. You should have a clear and simple database method of maintaining data that includes all your clients’ names, numbers, emails, physical addresses and even social media they participate in.

Use Feedback to Get Better

Always be looking for feedback from your clients. You need to understand what they desire and why they want what you supply. Make adjustments accordingly if your clients talk about something enough. Strive to simplify what you do.